Baron Raynald Firith of Kobing

Long-lost son of a fallen Baron, heir to a troubled land


Reynald is the second son of Baron Orsin Firith. Reynald’s mother, who had an Elvish grand-father, disappeared under mysterious circumstances when he was scarcely more than a toddler. He remembers very little of her, though his father missed her terribly. When Reynald was a child of nine, he began showing signs of his psionic gifts. His own mother had possessed similar powers. The Baron arranged for Reynald to quietly go away with the Sindarin, who could teach him how to develop and control his powers. His teacher was the brother of his Sindarin great-grandfather. Reynald never saw his father or his older brother Kell again.

Reynald returned to his family home following the deaths of his father and elder brother. Now, he must take the reins of a half-remembered barony and guide it through troubled times. Maybe his father remarried, and his widow has a son. Perhaps they resent Reynald’s return and assumption of the Baronial mantle.

This is sort of a work in progress

Baron Raynald Firith of Kobing

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