Gryf Stonefist

Barbarian slave turned brooding thug.


Agility d6
Smarts d4
Spirit d6
Str d10
Vigor d8

Pace- 6
Charisma- 0
Parry- 7
Toughness- 7 /9 with armor

Martial Arts- Fist Str+d4, never unarmed
Brawny- +1 Toughness, x8 carry
5- Brawler- +2 unarmed damage
10- Spirit +1 Die
15- +1 Die to Throw, Intimidate
20- Counter attack

Clueless -2 Common Kn

Fighting (Ag) d10
Climbing (St) d6
Riding (Ag) d4
Stealth (Ag) d4
Throw (Ag) d6
Intimidation (Sp) d6
Notice (Sm) d4
Survival (Sm) d4
Tracking (Sm) d4

Gear Carry- 80 Current= 55
Chain Mail- 2 Toughness
Spear- Str +d8\ +1 Parry
Throwing Axe- Str +d6
Dagger- Str +d4
Backpack, Rope, Flint and Steel, Waterskin, Bedroll, Silvered Dagger

Money- 280

Experience- 21


Born among the Kath barbarians into the small, but proud Gryphon clan, the boy who came to be known as Gryf has had one hell of a life. Although the Kath form a loose confederation, infighting is common and at the age of eight, his clan was overrun by the Scarred Oak clan, murdered before his eyes and he was taken as a ‘slave’. His ‘adopted father’ refused to use his given name, calling him Gryf to remind him of his murdered family and clan. Gryf was only thirteen when he choked the man to death.

Since then, he has lived all over eastern Harn and has been just about everything- a farmer, miner, hunter, woodcutter, caravan guard and much more. Some of the time, he was a virtual slave (although the practice is technically outlawed)- other times, he earned a wage. He didn’t pay much attention to such distinctions as long as he got fed. Of course, through hard work and harsh conditions, he grew tall and strong and learned to fight. Being in captivity of one kind or another much of his early life, he rarely had access to weapons, so he learned to do without.

Sometime around the age of 17, he spent a couple years working with dwarven traders- if Gryf is fond of anyone, he is fond of dwarves, as they are one of the few employers who ever treated him well. In fact, they were the one’s who gave him the name Stonefist after he killed two men and a horse with his bare hands during a raid one night.

At one time, Gryf had vowed vengeance on the Scarred Oak clan, but he recently learned that their ambition got the better of them and they were mostly destroyed and disbanded in a territorial skirmish a few years ago.

Now, having no real direction and little interest beyond living to see tomorrow, he mostly wanders from place to place, working when he needs money, fighting when he has to, and waiting… for a cause, a woman, a home… he doesn’t know.

Gryf Stonefist

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