Hârnic Calendar

Tuzyn Reckoning

On Hârn/Lythia, the Tuzyn Calendar prevails. It reckons dates from the founding of the Kingdom of Melderyn. Dates in Tuzyn Reckoning are indicated by the notation “TR” before or after the year. Years prior to the founding of Melderyn are indicated by “BT” which stands for Before Tuzyn.

This game begins in the Spring of TR 721.


Spring Nuzyael Peonu Kelen
Summer Nolus Larane Agrazhar
Autumn Azura Halane Savor
Winter Ilvin Navek Morgat

Months and Days

Tuzyn Reckoning is a lunar calendar derived from the orbit of Yael (the Moon). The year is divided into twelve, thirty day months. A full moon (Yaelah) occurs on the fifteenth of each month and a new moon (Yaelmor) on the thirtieth. The year begins with the vernal equinox, the first day of Spring. The month names are of religious origin.
Tuzyn Reckoning does not measure time in weeks. A tenday (three per month) is a common convenience, and a Hinyael (fifteen days) is used occasionally. A day has 24 hours, divided into 60 minutes of 60 seconds each. Most folk identify days numerically, such as Halane 23 or Morgat 12.


The zodiac consists of those constellations through which the sun passes in one year. Thus, a person’s sunsign is the zodiacal constellation where the sun is located at the time of birth. The 12 signs of the zodiac are given below.

  1. Ulandus The Tree
  2. Aralius The Wands
  3. Feneri The Smith
  4. Ahnu The Fire Dragon
  5. Angberelius The Flaming Swords
  6. Nadai The Salamander
  7. Hirin The Eagle
  8. Tarael The Pentacle
  9. Tai The Lantern Bearer
  10. Skorus The Mixer
  11. Masara The Chalice
  12. Lado The Galley

Religious Calendar

Hârnic Calendar

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