Pvaric Wheel


The Convocations

Lyahvi (Lee-AH-vee)
Lyahvi is the magic of the insubstantial, invisible, ethereal, and illusory. Lyahvi mages manipulate light to illuminate, confuse, or hypnotize. The essence of Lyahvi is bright, sterile, and unliving. Gems, mirrors, and other items which reflect/ refract light are used as foci.

Peleahn (Peh-lay-Ann)
Peleahn is the most active, destructive, and least thoughtful school of magic. The Peleahn manipulate heat, smoke, and fire to produce pyrotechnic effects. They also deal in Ethereal Fire, which requires no mundane seed, but is somewhat less dangerous than mundane fire. Peleahn foci include firepots, flint and steel, and other fire-making tools.

Jmorvi (Jeh-MORE-vee)
The element of the Jmorvi is metal. Their magic runs in a slower vein and includes the construction and manipulation of metallic locks, tools, weapons, etc. Jmorvi favor metallic objects as foci.

Fyvria (FIV-ree-ah)
Fyvria is the magic of the green and growing, the pale and dying—essentially the cycles of growth and decay that underlie the natural world. The base of Fyvria is fertile earth where life swarms. Fyvrian mages use organic objects as foci, including petrified wood, bags of earth, even living plants and animals.

Odivshe (Oh-DIV-shay)
Odivshe is the magic of slow, cool darkness, the opposite of fire and action. Odivshe mages study and manipulate water, ice, darkness, and cold to achieve their ends. They also make use of Ethereal Water, the counterpart of Ethereal Fire. Odivshe incorporate water, snow, or ice in their foci.

Savorya (Sah-VOY-ya)
The Savoryans deal in knowledge, thought, and concept, all of which, they believe, stand above the other elements. Their foci incorporate illustrations, runes, or the written word.

Pvaric Wheel

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