The Lamp Inn

The Lamp Inn is located in the village of Varden in Oselshire, Kaldor. Situated on the Genin Trail, the inn is well known, as it is the first inn one reaches after traveling through the lands of the Pagaelin to Kaldor. The inn gained its name from the practice of hanging a candle lantern from the corner of the inn facing the Genin Trial.
This tradition continues throughout the caravan season.


The inn was originally built in 684. In 698, the inn was gutted by
fire when a careless guest left some clothing drying too close to the fire.
A brew-house and stables were added when the inn was rebuilt shortly thereafter. Saraina of Shekael purchased the franchise for the inn in 711 with her husband and has worked hard at making it a successful business.

The Business

Saraina runs the inn with a staff of four, hiring two additional villagers during times of peak demand. Her son Falkest manages the bar, taking orders and serving drinks and food. When the inn is busy, two village girls, Korelo and Orela, serve food and dispense ale from large jugs.
The bar is used by travelers along the Genin Trail and by local villagers quenching their thirst after a day’s toil in the fields. During the caravan season when the common room is filled with guests, the villagers are served on benches in the courtyard. Saraina ensures that a decent, but not luxurious, level of service is maintained. Her prices are above the average for Kaldor, but Saraina knows that the inn’s location on the Genin Trail guarantees there will be no shortage of teamsters willing to pay for a safe and warm shelter.
Saraina holds a freehold plot of five acres on which she grows the fruit and vegetables that are used in the kitchens. Saraina allows Isaril of Kigba, Varden’s master ostler, to operate the inn’s stables in return for the spent straw and manure from the horses.

Services and Accommodations

The inn has two dormitories for guests, one of which offers screened- off accommodation. The price charged can be negotiated with Saraina. Prices increase significantly when caravans pass through Varden.

The Lamp Inn

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